Rockstar’s Career Page Is Filled With Jobs: Looks Like GTA 6 Is Entering a New Phase

There might be details about the game’s radio stations, characters, and development code name as well as the possibility that GTA 6 would be set in Vice City. That’s what we discovered on July 18, but there’s more information now, as positions listed on Rockstar’s careers page indicate a sizable impending development effort that may be focused on the upcoming Grand Theft Auto.

Rockstar is currently advertising openings at a variety of its global studios — including the central GTA hub, Rockstar North — and covering almost every game-making discipline, from animation to mission design, and vehicle physics.

Rockstar San Diego is looking for an associate designer for “open-world events”, which sounds very Grand Theft Auto-related, while Rockstar New York is looking for an additional someone to oversee “adoption and acquisition” of GTA+, the new Grand Theft Auto-exclusive subscription service which launched in March, and could likely feature as a component in GTA 6’s online offering.

Hitmarker, which tracks gaming industry and e-sports job listings, records that 70 positions at Rockstar have been posted in the last 24 hours alone, with 227 positions total now available at the GTA developer.

Previously, Rockstar has confirmed that it is shifting attention away from updating Red Dead Redemption 2, in order to focus on production of a new Grand Theft Auto. Notably, November marks 25 years since the launch of the original GTA game in 1997. Also, the first trailer for Grand Theft Auto V was posted on November 2, 2011. Pure speculation, but that could mark a fitting date for the first, official details on GTA 6.

Until then, GTA V continues to be updated, and Red Dead Redemption 2 is being kept alive by some hugely impressive mods.

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