Rocksteady Confirms the new suicide squad game

suicide squad game

Rocksteady, the studio behind the Batman Arkham quartet, finally announces something coherent after five years. Rumors of superman game, a new Arkham court of owls game, and suicide squad game lurked around the internet for years. But finally we have confirmed news.

Rocksteady Suicide Squad Game Reveal

After many rumors we now have evidence that there is a Suicide Squad Game in the works. Rocksteady will show us a reveal trailer this August. Exactly on 22 at the DC FanDome. Whether you are a fan of Suicide Squad or not I am pretty sure you are hyped. Rocksteady delivered some of the best games in the past years. And made the best superhero game of all time among them.

From Gamespot:

The reveal of a Suicide Squad game isn’t as surprising as it could have been after a recent report suggested Rocksteady was working on such a project. A cache of registered domain names may also hint at the game’s full title and indicate its central idea, with one called “” The image Rocksteady has shared may also add some credence to the report. The Suicide Squad logo looks like it’s intended to be a crosshair targeting Superman’s head, which would fit if the game is indeed about killing off the Justice League.

So far 2020 is very low on games releases but also packed with announcements. Publishers opted to announce their games in live streams since no events are available (thanks coronavirus). But this led to gradual announcements of many games in various live streams such as state of play and inside Xbox.

Many publishers promised more reveals and announcements in the last quarter of 2020, along with actual games releases this year. But it is certain that Rocksteady’s game will be at least a 2021 game and will not be released any time soon.

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