Ropz Pulls Off OP Play on Mirage to Break OG’s Momentum at BLAST Premier Fall Final

In the first half of Mirage, OG had a comfortable 5-0 lead over FaZe when ropz assisted in snapping their winning streak. While both teams were running their default, the Estonian star made a stealthy silent drop near the A ramp, absolutely surprising OG’s rifler Maciej “F1KU” Miklas. The CT player was killed while holding a grenade close to the choke point and didn’t hear ropz make any noises when he was nearby.

Even the casters were surprised ropz made the drop without any noise. “How did he get down without anyone realizing, I can’t believe he snuck up on the high ground,” Anders Blume said.

This opening kill ropz got over F1KU helped FaZe win their first round on Mirage and start putting pressure on OG’s CT side economy. The dominant CT side that was painted in that first half of Mirage actually end up the other way around, with FaZe winning their T side by 9-6. OG only won one more round after ropz pulled off that sneaky play.

This wasn’t the first time ropz used this silent drop near A ramp on Mirage. The Estonian used it against the very same OG in August during BLAST Premier Fall Groups. Ropz is known for looking out for different plays he can make to have an edge against his opponents like this silent drop or new grenade lineups.

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