Ruler Snags Flashy Pentakill in First Career LPL Game With JDG

Ruler, a veteran League of Legends player and the current LCK MVP, earned a pentakill to start the 2023 season in his first match in the LPL. Ruler’s eighth penta, which is among the highest among all active League players, came in this game.

Ruler’s pentakill today came in the final teamfight on a 47-minute victory over Bilibili Gaming. The final fight ended up clinching the series for Ruler’s new team, JD Gaming, who won their opening series of the year by a score of two games to one.

During the play, Ruler, who was already relatively fed with seven kills coming into the fight, ripped through the frontline of Bilibili, taking down top laner Bin to start off the skirmish. From there, he helped pop three separate Guardian Angels spread across Bilibili’s lineup before cornering their support player ON near his own inhibitor and grabbing the fifth and final kill needed for the penta. In the end, ON surrendered to Ruler, giving him the pentakill as a courtesy.

Out of Ruler’s seven career pentakills, he’s accomplished them with five different champions now. The only champions he has more than one pentakill with are Ezreal and Kai’sa, according to League data site Leaguepedia.

Across the three games of today’s opening series, Ruler held the highest KDA among all 10 players with a mark of 7.3, and during the third game of the series, Ruler threw JDG on his back, accounting for 29 percent of the team’s total damage, according to League stats site Games of Legends.

The hot start for Ruler and JDG throws the team atop the LPL table to open the season. Their next game isn’t for a while, though, as JDG isn’t scheduled to take to the stage again until Feb. 2.

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