Sale: League of Legends Skins and Champions Just For This Week

Since the 25th of October, there are a lot of skins and champions for the League of Legends game on sale. Check them out to update your game.

Following the launch of League of Legends patch 11.21 and just ahead of the incoming League of Legends patch 11.22, there are big deals on a bunch of skins and some of the best League of Legends champions right nowEach week, Riot Games throws an in-game sale giving you the chance to scoop up some characters and styles you might have had your eye on for a while, and there are some goodies worth being aware of this round.

There are a bunch of skins and champions on sale this week (of October 25) at up to 60% off their regular price. This week’s selection offers a pretty wide variety of skins for cheap, with discounts on styles across quite a few of the MOBA game’s lines, such as the Project, Blood Moon, Pool Party, and Guardian of the Sands universes, among others.

As for champions on sale this week, there’s a mixture of old favorites and newcomers all seeing their prices dropped at the moment, with League of Legends champs Akali, Nidalee, Viego, Nautilus, and Ezreal all discounted.


Akali – 355 RP – discounted by 55%

Ezreal – 355 RP – discounted by 55%

Nautilus – 396 RP – discounted by 45%

LoL tier list 10.3 Nautilus

Nidalee – 355 RP – discounted by 55%

Riot reckon they can tune Nidalee in such a fashion that she remains satisfying to play.

Viego – 682 RP – discounted by 30%

League of Legends champion Viego, the Ruined King, wileds a glowing green sword


Pool Party Braum – 975 RP – discounted by 27%

YouTube Thumbnail

Nemesis Jax – 633 RP – discounted by 35%

YouTube Thumbnail

Dragon Fist Lee Sin – 682 RP – discounted by 30%

YouTube Thumbnail

Project: Mordekaiser – 1,350 RP – discounted by 25%

YouTube Thumbnail

Full Metal Pantheon – 390 RP – discounted by 60%

YouTube Thumbnail

Guardian of the Sands Ryze – 810 RP – discounted by 40%

YouTube Thumbnail

Project: Senna – 975 RP  – discounted by 27%

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Blood Moon Thresh – 487 RP – half-price

YouTube Thumbnail

Buccaneer Tristana – 233 RP – discounted by 55%

YouTube Thumbnail

Odyssey Twisted Fate – 810 RP – discounted by 40%

YouTube Thumbnail

Project: Warwick – 810 RP – discounted by 40%

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The League champion and skin sale resets each week, so if you haven’t seen what you’re looking for this time, be sure to keep checking back to get a look at the sweet discounts next week will bring.

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