Sam Fisher Joins Rainbow Six Siege roster as Specialist Zero

Sam Fisher rainbow six siege

No, he will not look like that picture. That is far too young. Sam Fisher, the new Attacker already known as Specialist Zero in Rainbow Six Siege will be live in the next operation, Shadow Legacy, which is coming out later this year.
Here is the reveal trailer

Yeah I know, I am a Hardcore Splinter Cell Fanboy, My favorite game of all time is Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory. If that is the end of Splinter Cell, Sam Fisher acts as a DLC in other Ubisoft games, then I will be sad.
But it doesn’t look like it. Maybe Ubisoft is preparing something good for my favorite character? we will see.

From the Rainbow Six Siege Blog, This is how the writers tied Sam Fisher to the lore:


You would think it was hard for me to evaluate someone held in such high esteem. The figure of Sam Fisher has always been wrapped in mystery. Looking at his impressive resume, or what’s been made available to us, it’s not difficult to see why you chose Specialist Sam “Zero” Fisher.

I can’t say much about his past missions as most of what I know is secondhand, and most of those details are unclear. I do know that he never left a man behind, and if he wasn’t brought in to prevent disaster, he was sure to clean it up. There’s no doubt, based on his experience as an instructor in Virginia, that he is more than capable in the capacity of teacher.

He seems to have kept in good shape despite being off active duty, though he also seemed a little more frazzled than usual when he arrived. I wonder what has Zero using Rainbow as his home base, he wouldn’t be here without his own motivations and we should take advantage of his experience. His military expertise will be a good balance to your psychological insight. As he’s coming in as the first member of the Rainbow Operational Staff (ROS), I’m curious and cautious of the changes he’ll bring to our organization. I’m sure his instruction will be a necessary, and painful, experience. I imagine there’s something he’s not telling me regarding his sudden appearance, but that’s not surprising. Zero operates on a need to know basis, I’m sure he’ll tell me when he thinks I need to know.

I am pleased I was able to examine the functionality of his surveillance equipment. It’s not often Zero allows others to play with his toys, and it was a learning experience. There is a flexibility of movement and behavior that can be used on the offensive as well as preparation for the defensive that is well suited to his inclination to take advantage of any situation.

Don’t think he will go easy on me in training just because he knew my father. If Zero taught me anything when I encountered him as a child, it was how to see clearly and take the measure of those around you. It’s strange seeing him after all these years – in some ways he has not changed at all, but in others? He’s aged well at least.

— Lera “Finka” Melnikova”

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