Sea of Thieves Has a Big Two-part Thanksgiving Bash

Leading a life of pillage on the high seas doesn’t mean you can’t be grateful, and Sea of Thieves is proving it with its Feast of Bounty event, which coincides with Thanksgiving in the United States. Players can take part in two sets of challenges in the pirate game from now until November 29 in order to prepare for and then celebrate the yearly feast.

The Feast of Bounty event is split into two phases, each with its own set of challenges. The preparation phase is underway now, and it involves five tasks. First, you’ll want to collect a free Feast of Bounty flag from Larinna at the tavern. After that, you’ll help prepare for the feast by cooking pieces of chicken or pork, shark or snake, megalodon or Kraken, and any kind of fish. Finish all these by the time the festival ends, and you’ll earn yourself a nice Feast of Bounty makeup look.

The celebration phase begins November 25, and will introduce its own set of challenges. However, you’ll still be able to work on challenges from the preparation phase during this time, so don’t worry.

There’s an extra challenge called overindulgence, which grants a reward for eating 75 pieces of cooked meat and fish – surely you’ve got room for just one more bite, right?

Finishing the celebration phase challenges will earn you a Feast of Bounty scar cosmetic, and there’s an additional reward if you complete all the challenges for both phases.

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