Seattle Surge Win Their First Call of Duty Major Trophy

With a shock 5–3 victory over longtime Cold War champions Atlanta FaZe, Seattle Surge have won their first-ever Call of Duty Major. FaZe has competed in every Major final during Vanguard, but has never won one. Atlanta’s difficulties continued at Major III, when they were defeated in a hard-fought grand finals duel by the Surge, who won their first-ever title.

Seattle won the first match of championship Sunday which granted them a spot in the grand finals. Meanwhile, Atlanta FaZe were sent to the lower bracket after choking a 2–0 lead against the Surge.

FaZe then had to take down Toronto Ultra, who boasted the game-changing home-ground advantage at the Major, to get to the grand finals.

Despite having not played since much earlier in the day, Seattle came out of the gate hot on Bocage Hardpoint and Search and Destroy and the Tuscan Control. Every member of Surge was able to win their gunfights across the three maps, allowing them to take a 3–0 lead in the series.

With their backs against the wall and the crowd shouting β€œDrown Them Out,” the FaZe stars were able to bring back some control of the series with a clean 250–212 victory on Berlin Hardpoint. Despite multiple fans booing Atlanta, the team was able to pull back two rounds to bring the match within striking distance. But FaZe’s comeback was short-lived as they lost the Berlin Control to allow Seattle to reach match point and regain momentum.

Even with Seattle on match point, FaZe was able to secure Tuscan Search and Destroy before Seattle Surge closed out the grand finals on Tuscan Hardpoint, 250–196.

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