Sh1ro Pulls Off Incredible 1-vs-4 Clutch in Roobet Cup

When you’re on an eco round in CS:GO, your aim is to inflict as much damage as possible or at least plant the bomb for some extra cash. In the end, though, it’s difficult to win against better-equipped enemies with just a pistol in your hand—but it certainly isn’t impossible.

Cloud9’s sh1ro recently proved it’s more than possible to win an eco if you can land a few headshots.

In C9’s opening match of this year’s Roobet Cup, the CIS team played against Complexity. C9 lost the first round on Dust2 and were left to eco on the second. But after Complexity wiped out four C9 players, sh1ro was left to pick up the pieces.

With a Desert Eagle in hand on the A site, The Russian player landed a kill on Complexity’s sniper before quickly following it up with a headshot on Grim. Instead of immediately planting the bomb as most players would, he strayed down A long to bait out his remaining opponents.

Complexity’s JT stumbled onto the A site, but before he could react, he was swiftly taken out by shir0. Then, after switching to the SSG 08, the player closed out the round with a well-timed headshot on floppy.

This is another prime example of why you should never write off a player before the end of the round, especially when they have a Desert Eagle in hand. Sh1r0 ended the series with 67 kills and 31 deaths, according to HLTV, clinching both maps.

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