Sign Subroza? The TSM superstar is racking up aces in VALORANT to kick off Episode 5, Act 3

The strength of the North American VALORANT scene has naturally resulted in a long list of available free agents to choose from, especially with a cooperation via the VCT Americas 2023 league on the horizon. The highly sought-after players on teams like OpTic, XSET, TSM, and others suddenly become the hottest commodities as a result of these organisations’ failure to secure partnerships.

One of those players seeking new opportunities is Yassine “Subroza” Taoufik, and like the other players fighting for a place with either an Americas league partner team or a top-end Challengers team, he’s using his large social platform to post standout highlights to attract all sorts of attention.

His most recent is his second prolific ace within just a couple of days. Playing Chamber on Fracture, he aggressively takes control of A Hall, taking down a Jett and Harbor duo that thought they were safe behind Harbor’s Cascade. The enemy Brimstone tries to challenge him and pays the price, and Subroza avoids the full Breach flash to knock off Breach too. After a quick teleport back to A Link, Subroza locks back onto A Drop and hits one more headshot on a Cypher that just spent their ultimate.

Just a couple of days prior, Subroza showed off his prowess on Jett too. With his team’s back against the wall, Subroza put on a one-man defensive show on the A site on Breeze. He picked up another ace here, finishing it off in style with a mesmerizing spray transfer with only five points of health on him.

Over the past two years, Subroza has been the mainstay of the various iterations of the competitive TSM roster. With TSM not getting into partnership, Subroza and the other members of the active roster have been allowed to pursue other options. But with most of the NA rosters already announced or reported, the remaining opportunities for partnered teams are slim.

That being said, TSM is actually one of the few organizations to reaffirm its commitment to VALORANT despite not getting a partnership with Riot. And if the org competes in Challengers next year, it could do a whole lot worse than keeping Subroza as a main focal point.

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