Sims 4 Has A New Update With Free Cosmetics

Some updates are big, some are small, but when they bring free stuff, they’re always welcome, right? EA has just released a new ‘Sims Delivery Express’ DLC for The Sims 4 which brings a wee little content drop of Create-A-Sim items – but hey, look, new clothes!

“Kicking off the new year with a Sims Delivery Express!” a tweet on the game’s channel announces. “Our favourite Freezer Bunny is hopping into your game with new Create-A-Sim items. Available now to all players!” There’s an accompanying image giving us a glimpse at what’s new (below), though SimsCommunity handily has the full details. There are two full-body outfits – one feminine (which seems to be inspired by a traditional Korean hanbok garment) and one masculine – along with an adult hairstyle for feminine sims, and a head accessory for masculine ones.

They should make an exciting new addition to sims’ wardrobes, with players already sharing their appreciation on Twitter through images of the new items in-game and the different swatches they’re available in.

Take a look at the new styles for yourself here:

If you’re keen to add the new content into your game, all you’ll need to do is head to the ‘Sims Delivery’ section in the game’s options menu and hit the button that lets you check for new content (loading it in might then require a quick game restart).

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