Sims 4’s new Free Update has CAS Items and lot Type

A new Sims 4 pack is about to be released, and EA and Maxis are preparing for it with a free update that adds some new material of its own. Then, uh… let me double-check that I’m on the correct track. On PC, the update is now available, and it includes a number of romantic content enhancements to help you prepare for the upcoming My Wedding Stories game pack.

Perhaps the most notable addition is the new wedding venue lot type, which’ll let you construct romantic celebration spots whether or not you’re picking up the upcoming pack. You’ll also find a new option in Create-A-Sim that allows you to set a sim’s relationship status as ‘engaged’ from the very start.

CAS is also getting a pile of new and updated items, including a “a bindi, a toddler full body swimsuit, and french tip nails”. There’ve also been ten items updated with new colours, including suits and bridesmaid dresses to once again get you in that wedding spirit.

You can see the full patch notes over on the official site.

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