SK Gaming Brings in 4 New Players to Build 2023 LEC Roster

There has been a significant amount of change since SK Gaming’s official League of Legends roster release yesterday. It’s not surprising that SK management wanted to make adjustments moving into 2023 after the team finished seventh with a 7-11 record in both the LEC Spring and Summer Splits the previous season. Thus, mid laner Sertuss is the lone member of SK to have participated in the 2022 LEC Summer Split.

Joining him going into next season is a bot lane package deal as both Exakick and Doss are making the jump to the LEC after winning back-to-back splits with LDLC OL in the French national league. The duo went 5-1 to top their group in the European Masters 2022 Summer tournament before falling to Team Heretics 3-1 in the semifinals.

Their top lane pickup Irrelevant comes from Misfits Gaming, where he was promoted from the org’s academy team to the LEC squad in the Summer Split. He performed well for his first foray into the major leagues. The team came in fourth with a 10-8 record before being swept by Fnatic in the playoffs.

Rounding out the roster is Excel’s old jungler, Markoon. They placed sixth in the 2022 LEC Summer Split, finishing with a 9-9 record before also falling to Fnatic in the playoffs in a close 3-2 series.

As a whole, the new SK roster has a combined 135 LEC games under their belts, according to Twitter user ExpressLOL, making them one of the less-experienced lineups in the league. They will make their LEC debut when the 2023 Winter Split begins on Jan. 21.

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