Solium Infernum, the Strategy Game From Hell, Reveals LOTR-Style Demon

If you haven’t heard of Solium Infernum, a future strategy game by League of Geeks set in Hell, picture a hybrid of Doom, Dark Souls, Civilization, and Dante’s Divine Comedy. Satan has disappeared. The devil’s throne is empty. You fight, scheme, and manage your way to the top of Hell’s hierarchy while competing against your rival archfiends and the nightmare bureaucratic conclave. a three- While we wait for the release date of Solium Infernum, a remake of the 2009 sleeper success, PCGamesN has an exclusive look at one of the new, playable demons, whose appearance and skills seem appropriately influenced by Lord of the Rings.

Like any 4X or RTS games, war is important in Solium Infernum, and you need to marshall your own unique forces as well as the general rabble of Hell if you want to secure your territory and capture the capital of Pandaemonium. More important however is your ability to backstab, betray, and psychologically manipulate your competitors – whether playing against AI or human opponents, success in Solium Infernum depends on how well you wield politics and treachery.

Enter Murmur, an enigmatic and solitary “deathlord,” and one of Solium Infernum’s playable archfiends. The physical embodiment of despair, Murmur is a dark, emaciated figure, reminiscent of the armies of Sauron, particularly the Ringwraiths. You can see some renders of Murmur in the below concept art, shared with PCGamesN exclusively.

With a whispery, almost feminine voice, according to League of Geeks, the words of Murmur “might actually be projected into one’s head instead of heard. It’s said that their sorcery is driven by the unfathomable depths of Murmur’s sorrow and despair. Nobody knows Murmur’s ambition. All are eagerly waiting for their opening move to be revealed.” When it comes to psychological trickery, Murmur sounds like one to keenly watch.

Commanding a personal legion of undead warriors, and gaining more and more destructive power with each rank, Murmur is also a contender in open battle. If you want to know more about the other archfiends, as well as Solium Infernum’s mechanics, world, and multiplayer, take a look at our exclusive preview of what could be one of the best strategy games of the next 12 months.

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