Sony Denies The Rumors Regarding The Price Of The PS5

And Also The Release Date

There has been numerous rumors regarding the PS5 whether its release date or price or even its shape.

The last of these rumors originates from from the information posted on the blog GAMERS GATE, which includes the following information on the release date and price.

“The release date of PlayStation 5 was decided on Friday, December 4, 2020.
The price starts from 69,800 yen (excluding tax). The standard model PS5 Standard is equipped with a 1TB SSD and has basic functions. The top model PS5 Premium has a 4TB SSD and a separate GPU for ray tracing, so the graphics performance is higher than the standard. The price is 109,800 yen (excluding tax), and reservations for both models will start on March 20 next year.”

So regarding this matter, Famitsu, the famous Japanese video game magazine, contacted the Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) spokesperson. And the reply came surprising(of course who would believe such rumors, DUH!).

The Spokesperson said “The posted content is not an official announcement I will refrain from commenting on rumors and speculation.”

Ok so what about the official announcements regarding the PS5

The PS5 is expected to be released by the end of the year-end sales season in 2020. Not only that, but the PS5 will be equipped with Renewed hardware. Sony’s first game console equipped with SSD.

 It also supports detailed installations, allowing you to install only multiplayer campaigns for games and later install only the single player part. 

You can install all of them, and when you’re done playing with a single player campaign, just delete that part.

Also, whatever part of a game is played, the latest information is always displayed by a completely redesigned user interface (UI). 

Activities that can be participated are notified to the game machine in real time from a multiplayer game server. 

In the case of a single-player game, it displays information such as what missions can be played and what rewards can be earned after completion. 

The new controller is also equipped with innovative new functions.

One is “Adaptive Trigger”, which generates multiple levels of repulsion depending on the operation. For example, if you try to shoot an arrow, you will feel the tension as if you were pulling a real arrow. If you shoot a machine gun, you can clearly get a repulsive force different from a shotgun.

Two is Haptic feedback which is even more realistic than conventional motor vibration. This is due to the highly programmable
voice coil motors built into the left and right grips of the controller.
In combination with an improved speaker built into the controller, the
haptic function creates a surprising effect.

For example, there is a feeling that you can take your feet on the sand, and
there is a messy feeling in the mud that slows down your walking.
On the ice, the reaction of the analog stick became so sensitive that the
character seemed to be “sliding” with his fingertips.
When you jump into the pool, you can feel the resilience of the water, and
on the bridge made of wood, it expresses even the feeling that the trees bend.

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