South Park is Now in This Fortnite Map Code

You can try out a South Park map code generated by a Fortnite fan right now. The popular battle royale game’s creative mode enables for the effective recreation of a wide range of content. Although one fantastic Assassin’s Creed-inspired map was released just last week, committed producers have been cranking out these meticulously designed maps for years. This time, though, we’re not visiting a popular game series, but rather a long-running television show.

You can now visit the world of the four most foul-mouthed children in television, South Park. While we’ve seen South Park games like the Stick of Truth and The Fractured but Whole in years past, neither of them are FPS titles. In fact, we’ve not seen the town in a shooter since the 1999 game for PlayStation and N64. So, if you’ve been itching to use the town as cover, then this is the first chance you’ve had in over twenty years.

The map comes thanks to Redditor wuwba, who has built the town and made it playable in both Zone Wars (0710-5299-1162) and Gun Game (7055-7136-4368). The map is made up of a couple of streets with houses and trees lining them, with the big attraction being the school, which is laid out across a single floor with a couple of rooms you’ll recognise from the show.

It’s a pretty chill map with lots of open lines of sight and fairly minimal cover beyond the houses that are lying around. It’s still fun to run around with if you’re a fan of the show. While it’s not as detailed as some of the other Fortnite creative maps, it still captures the colours of the show, and almost feels like a throwback to the retro days of the first South Park game.

If you’re looking for official crossovers, then you’ll probably be interested to know about the latest batch of rumours that seem to suggest that both Indiana Jones and Darth Vader could be coming to the game.

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