Spider-Man PC Mod Lets You Fight Crime as the Grave of Uncle Ben

As the Insomniac open-world game based on the web-slinging Marvel hero finds fresh life outside of the PS4 and PS5, a Spider-Man PC mod enables you to swing from the skyscrapers and beat crooks as the literal, authentic headstone of Peter Parker’s beloved Uncle Ben.

We’ve previously reported how modders have added a variety of custom material to Spider-Man Remastered, including an option to play as The Amazing Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield. The game can also run, incredibly, without a graphics card, and as our review notes, stands up as one of the best superhero games on PC.

What Spider-Man Remastered may be lacking, though, is a certain metaphorical punch. We know Peter Parker fights crime because of what happened to his uncle, but does the game make that brutally, excruciatingly, absurdly obvious? Well, yes, thanks to the mod Become Uncle Ben, which substitutes the plucky, wall-crawling reporter for an actual gravestone. All the mobility is still there – as Uncle Ben’s grave, you can do everything Spider-Man can do – but with the added value of reminding every criminal you pulverise precisely why you’re here.

Imagine you’re in the middle of robbing a bank, and a great hunk of concrete comes swinging through the windows, and starts backflipping and knocking out all your hench-people. You’d feel guilty, wouldn’t you? You’d be thinking “what did I do to deserve this?” And then the answer would come staring you straight in the face: Ben Parker. Beloved Husband and Uncle. 1952 – 2010. Such is the power of mods.

Originally spotted by The Gamer, Become Uncle Ben is available now at Nexus Mods. In the meantime, if you’re looking to get into Spider-Man, check out our guide on the Spider-Man Remastered system requirements. We can also recommend the best games like Spider-Man Remastered on PC, and the best sandbox games, none of which, unfortunately, let you play as a grave.

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