Star Wars Battlefront Returns With Insurgency Sandstorm Conversion Mod

A revolutionary new mod for realistic war shooter Insurgency Sandstorm has unofficially brought back Star Wars Battlefront, the legendary FPS game from DICE and EA, after a five-year absence. This one is for you if you like shooting your friends in co-op and online multiplayer in the original Battlefront game from 2004 or if you prefer the updated Battlefront experience with more violence and realism. Additionally, it’s fantastic to have more Star Wars as we anticipate the arrival of Jedi Survivor.

Star Wars Sagas is a complete conversion for Insurgency Sandstorm, transforming everything from character models to weapons, maps to sound effects, vehicles to music. Tipoca City, Tatooine, Mustafar, Kamino – all these classic Star Wars locations are either in the game and fully playable already, or on their way, with the Sagas team posting regular updates.

You can customise your loadouts, choose to play as Stormtroopers, battle droids, and ARC Clones, and participate in co-operative PvE games in Star Wars Sagas already. The most recent developer update aims to balance PvP mechanics, with a view to launching the full PvP experience in the near future via dedicated, custom Insurgency servers. The team is currently balancing weapon aiming and the base Insurgency multiplayer modes to work with the Star Wars overhaul.

There are also first-person and third-person servers, with third-person presumably the viewpoint of choice for fans of those classic ‘00s Battlefronts. The team is also planning to add more maps, with the next update supposedly bringing a “classic location” from the old Battlefront games.

The full Star Wars Sagas mod, with complete installation instructions, is available now at If you want to try it, make sure you have a legitimate copy of Insurgency Sandstorm. In other Star Wars news, Cameron Monaghan, star of the upcoming Jedi Survivor, says the game is partly designed to appeal to non Star Wars fans.

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