Stardew Valley: You Can Now Watch Shrek

The films in Stardew Valley are charming, cute, and well-made, but they aren’t Shrek. You want to see something positive after you’ve put in all that effort — finishing the community enhancements, tracking down the Missing Bundle, and spending a cool 1000G on a ticket. You want something… Shrektacular, in fact.

Well now, thanks to a new mod by presumptive genius Cofee0001, whenever you go to the Stardew Valley movie theatre there is a cast-iron, bright green guarantee of quality, as it will be showing the original (and best) Shrek film.

It’s not the full movie in its entirety – that would be illegal or, if you prefer, “disreshrekful”. But this lovingly curated slideshow of low-res PNGs, projected high and wide on the back of the Joja Warehouse, still has the capacity to shock, terrify and delight just like its feature-length namesake. We won’t spoil it for you, but Shrek in Stardew Valley contains something of a twist. It’s Shrek as you’ve seen him before, and then Shrek as you’ll probably never be able to unsee him again.

The mod is available to download for free and could actually bring a genuine, mechanical benefit to your Stardew Valley game. If you buy two tickets at the movie theatre and gift one to a friend (remembering to do it on the same day, or else it expires) then they will come and see the film with you, and if it’s one they like this can boost your relationship by 100 or 200 Friendship Points.

We haven’t tried all the combinations yet, but it’s safe to assume that all your friends in Stardew Valley are going to love Shrek. This is the kind of film that can turn passing acquaintances into loving companions. Either that, or traumatise them for life.

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