Starfield Steam update removes Russian language support

The Bethesda RPG game appears to be getting some fascinating adjustments as the Starfield release date approaches (event). Despite Skyrim and Fallout 4 and other Bethesda open-world games supporting Russian interfaces and subtitles in the past, a recent Starfield Steam update appears to eliminate Russian language support from the space simulator.

On April 11, an alteration was made in the backend of the Starfield Steam listing, removing references to Russian subtitles and Russian language support from the game’s page. Checking archived versions of the Starfield Steam page, as recently as April 4, support for Russian subtitles and a Russian-language in-game interface were both listed, but as of this writing, these have both vanished.

Further updates in the Starfield Steam backend indicate that various store tags have been removed. Since you can search Steam to find games that include specific language options, it’s possible that this is connected to the removal of Russian language support – indeed, when conducting a Steam store search for games that include Russian language support, Starfield does not appear.

Other Bethesda titles including Fallout 4, The Elder Scrolls Skyrim, and the upcoming vampire game Redfall, which Bethesda will publish, are all listed on Steam as including various forms of Russian language support.

PCGamesN has contacted Bethesda with regards to the removal of Russian language support from Starfield and will update this story with any further information or comment. You can see the Starfield Steam update, removing Russian support, in the image below obtained from SteamDB:

As we wait for Starfield to arrive, we can still have a blast with some of the best games like Starfield. You might also want to get the knowledge on all the Starfield cities, Starfield factions, or start planning your Starfield ship-building, so you’re totally ready to hit the galaxy.

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