Street Fighter 6 lets you remove its single-player mode

If you intend to spend a lot of time progressing through the ranks to become the ultimate world warrior, Street Fighter 6 will allow you to save a significant amount of space. It turns out that Street Fighter 6 has a way to easily reduce the size of the game’s Steam install by removing its single-player component. Prior to the Street Fighter 6 release date, Capcom Game promised to lead the charge for a new run of the best fighting games ahead of upcoming Mortal Kombat and Tekken entries.

Fortunately, the Street Fighter 6 system requirements aren’t especially demanding, so most modern systems should have a fighting chance at running the game to a decent standard. However, storage space can still be quite a premium, especially if you’re hoping to slide your Street Fighter 6 install onto your gaming SSD to avoid long load times.

Thankfully, it turns out there’s actually a way to keep the install size down for Street Fighter 6 if you’re intending to play a lot of the game’s multiplayer, which is of course likely to be the main focus for many players. Whether you’re a Ken player, a Ryu main, or a Chun-Li fan, there’s no question that the long-term appeal of SF6 comes from getting into online or local multiplayer scraps and honing your skills to the max.

This means that, while the Street Fighter 6 World Tour mode is a great way to explore the world and characters of the series, as well as a potential onboarding method for newer players to get to grips with their combos and strategy, it ends up being a rather hefty burden on your game’s install size. The good news is that you can uninstall the single-player mode on Steam once you’re done with it (or if you’re planning to skip it altogether).

By heading to the ‘Manage my DLC’ setting in your Steam library, you can choose to uninstall the World Tour mode, reclaiming you almost 18GB of space. That’s a meaty saving! With huge scope for the game’s multiplayer and our Street Fighter 6 review finding a game that’s welcoming to players of all skill levels, you’ll hopefully find plenty to love in here – and now you can keep it installed without worrying as much about space.

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