T1 Asks Fans to ‘Keep Distance’ From LOL Players, Respecting Their Privacy

The team requested that supporters respect its players by not approaching them for photos or autographs on game days and by not hanging around outside their team houses.

“We would like to ask fans to keep their distance for their safety and their privacy,” T1 said. “Please show your respect for the players when they are near HQ, especially before and after the games, as they need to prepare in peace.”

The org added that due to an increase of COVID-19 cases in South Korea, fans should also avoid engaging in any direct contact with the players for the sake of their safety. “We ask the fans for your cooperation to protect and respect the players’ privacy as well as create a safe fan/player culture,” T1 said.

This statement follows harsh demands made by T1 fans on Aug. 4. A handful of fans dispatched a truck to LoL Park—the LCK venue in Seoul, South Korea—with a sign that read: “Incompetent head coach. Coach who’ve demoted agreed his package of ability. The answer is: hire coaches who won Worlds.” This was repeated on Aug. 14 during T1’s series against Nogshim RedForce.

Despite these actions being called out by the League community, T1 mid laner Faker sympathized with fans, saying “whatever fans do, it starts from the love towards the team” and expressed that “T1 should do harder to repay the love the fans give us.”

T1 have already secured a spot in the playoffs of the 2022 LCK Summer Split. They will return to action tomorrow against Liiv SANDBOX.

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