T1’s Official Store Opening Goes Horribly Wrong, and Not Even Tape Could Fix It

Recently, the esports group T1 opened its official store in South Korea, but regrettably not everything went as planned. A handful of things went wrong during the opening day of the store, according to numerous Korean users on Twitter. Those running the store were still making final adjustments minutes before opening and had T1’s Gumayusi’s name displayed with a typo with duct tape hiding the mistake.

Gumayusi is the AD carry for T1’s League of Legends division. Over the course of the last several years, he has become one of the most promising players in Korea and has already started to build his legacy with the team. In the newly-opened store, however, his name was spelled “Gumayushi.”

Other issues included no crowd control measurements, which led to those running the shop only letting 15 people inside when it opened, with the remaining crowd asked to wait in line. As a result, people waiting in line were left frustrated.

The online version of the store reportedly also offered the first 300 purchasers extra photo cards, but those who attended the store claimed they didn’t receive these bonuses.

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