Team Liquid’s Victory in Week 5 of 2022 LCS Spring Split Evens the Odds Against 100T

Team Liquid kicks off week five of the 2022 LCS Spring Split with yet another win, this time over their long-time rivals in 100 Thieves, bringing their head-to-head record to 1-1.

Hans sama piloted Zeri to great success in his first game using the newest ADC champion this split. With CoreJJ’s Nautilus initiating from afar, Hans sama was capable of avoiding huhi’s engages completely, remaining at full HP constantly while dishing out damage at a rapid pace.

If uncontested damage from Hans sama wasn’t enough, Bjergsen spent the first 20 minutes of the game amassing a substantial lead for himself on Viktor. While 100T sought to kick Hans sama out of position, Bjergsen sat back and offered his opponents a look at how powerful his lasers had become.

In typical Bwipo fashion, the Liquid top laner became the biggest nuisance for 100T as the game continued. When 100T found room to gain a small lead, Bwipo began his splitpushing journey, forcing Ssumday, Closer, and Abbedagge to answer. This provided Liquid room to secure a free Baron, thus retaining the momentum they held for most of the game.

A strange choice of Realm Warp marked the end of the 32-minute game, bringing the members of 100T right into the hands of a Liquid squad waiting to turn their screens gray. Hans sama sniped the remaining opposition and secured a final triple kill, walking away with his first competitive victory on Zeri at 7/2/11—81.8-percent kill participation. Bjergsen also enjoyed picking up the scraps in the final moments of the game, cementing his 8/2/11 KDA and further increasing his long-standing Viktor win rate to 58 percent.

Liquid now take sole control of first place in the LCS but may enter a tie once more following the result of the match between Cloud9 and Golden Guardians. They’ll finish their trip through week five against Immortals, while 100T hope to bounce back against CLG.

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