Team Vitality Shares Its 2022 League of Legends Roster

Team Vitality confirmed their League of Legends roster for the Spring Split of 2022 on Twitter. The French esports company claims to have assembled the ‘best’ players from around Europe for its roster. Alphari, Selfmade, Perkz, Carzzy, and Labrov will be on the Vitality roster.

The jungle and support duo of Labrov and Selfmade will be the only two returners on the Vitality squad going into 2022. Selfmade joined mid-season before the start of the Summer Split, coming from Fnatic. Labrov is the longest standing member of this roster, being a mainstay in the support role since 2020.

After swapping the toplane between SLT and Szygenda, Alphari will be the starting toplaner for Vitality. Though Alphari had a tumultuous year on Team Liquid, he maintained his spot as one of the best western toplaners, making two consecutive finals appearances and earning a Worlds spot. Alphari will now return to Europe under a new banner.

Perkz similarly spent a year in the LCS for Cloud9. Winning an LCS title and making a Worlds Quarters appearance, Perkz had a generally impressive year in North America. Perkz will return to the LEC for the first time since he was dropped from his longstanding position on G2 Esports. On only his third team ever, Perkz will look to create a new dynasty on Vitality.

Carzzy comes after his best performing year on MAD Lions. The Spanish organization were by far the best team out of the LEC in 2021. Making impressive runs at both MSI and Worlds, as well as winning two domestic titles, Carzzy played an integral role in MAD Lion’s breakout year. Now, he joins Vitality in the bottom lane.

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