Terraria Cross Play “In the Works” as Update 1.4.5 Wraps Things Up

One of the most frequently requested multiplayer improvements is Terraria cross play, and the developer of one of the best sandbox games informs players that it is being worked on while the team creates Terraria version 1.4.5. Additionally, he briefly discusses the team’s intention to end Terraria as the game’s creator, Re-Logic, plans to “launch a new game shortly” in order to “overcome the community jokes around final releases.”

Development on the next Terraria update began in early January after the Terraria devs took a month-long break through December to relax after releasing the massive, community-driven Labor of Love update in September 2022. Along with a wealth of quality-of-life updates and new features, this patch also finally saw parity between the various PC, console, and mobile editions of Terraria – something the team had long said was a priority before cross play could be considered.

Responding to a fan asking whether cross play compatibility between versions is still planned for the future, Re-Logic founder Andrew ‘Redigit’ Spinks says, “It’s in the works.” This serves as a welcome update for fans eager to play with friends on other platforms after Re-Logic said in November that “Crossplay planning is in full swing and we feel pretty good and confident with where we have netted out in those discussions.”

It sounds like things are coming along smoothly, then. Re-Logic vice president Whitney ‘Cenx’ Spinks notes that “Cross play is not guaranteed but we really want to make it happen,” so keep your expectations managed for when it might arrive, though it sounds to be a high priority.

Redigit also reaffirms that, after many years of updates that were initially suggested to be ‘final’ before more ideas spawned follow-ups, Terraria 1.4.5 is intended to be a smaller project that ties up loose ends. In response to a query about the possibility of boss variants, Redigit says, “It’s a cool idea, but would be a lot of work. We are trying to wrap things up so we can start a new game soon.”

Exactly what’s next isn’t clear yet, though there has been plenty of talk about the idea of a Terraria 2, with Redigit sharing a hand-drawn collage of concepts for a sequel prior to the release of Labor of Love that he framed as “Terraria 2 concept art.” In the meantime, Re-Logic says in its January State of the Game that “we do not have a ton to showcase at this stage” for patch 1.4.5, “but rest assured that when we have spoilers to share we will do so. You know we won’t be able to help ourselves!”

Regardless of what’s next, it’s been an amazing decade for Re-Logic, with the studio seeing incredible success as Terraria sales reflect years of excellent support. Cenx recently shared a ten year-old photo from “a trip that would change Terraria forever,” when she and Redigit beat Terraria together for the first time while staying inside during a frozen trip to Minneapolis. “Shortly after finishing our playthrough we began designing [Terraria update] 1.2 and the snow biome,” Cenx explains – and here we are today.

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