The Best Players on FaZe Clan

There is no other esports organization that compares to FaZe Clan in terms of brand awareness and global reach. Few could have predicted their meteoric rise over the next decade, with a stake in every shooter esport and an impressive roster of streamers and content creators, after starting small with styled Call of Duty montages in 2010.

Here are some of the best players across FaZe Clan right now.

Chris “Simp” Lehr – Call of Duty (Atlanta FaZe)

You couldn’t start this list with any other division within FaZe. Their Atlanta FaZe roster in the Call of Duty League absolutely dominated the 2021 season, and virtually every player has a case to be considered the best on this stacked team. Arcitys and Cellium each won an MVP award during Majors in 2021, and aBeZy even took home the MVP award during Champs. They won three of the five Majors and won the world title without dropping a series.

If we have to pick just one player from this roster, however, you have to go with Simp, who won the regular season and Stage One Major MVP. Other than his SMG duo aBeZy, no one came close to consistently frying like Simp.

Russel “⁠Twistzz⁠” Van Dulken – CS:GO

Image via PGL

Like their Call of Duty roster, the FaZe Clan CS:GO lineup is packed with stellar talent. The team is led by one of the most revered shot-callers in karrigan, and he is supported by a timeless rifler in rain. The sniper broky and the recently-signed lurker ropz are impact players, each making the illustrious HLTV Top 20 players list for 2021.

Again, it’s hard to pick just one player, but you have to hand it to Twistzz. The Canadian destroyer is a defensive nightmare for attacking teams and is elite when it comes to getting trades and collecting headshots. He was a consistent force for a FaZe team that didn’t quite reach the levels it aimed for in 2021, and the pairing of him and ropz next to the stellar lineup should raise expectations for the team in 2022.

Eric “Snip3down” Wrona – Halo

Several of the prominent FPS-centric esports organizations are jumping headfirst back into Halo following the release of Halo Infinite, and FaZe Clan is no different. Unlike many of those organizations though, FaZe actually never competed in Halo before against teams like eUnited, OpTic, and Envy. Just before the first HCS Major of the Halo Infinite era, FaZe finally picked up a roster, and with it came a star and one of the greatest snipers of all time.

Snip3down is, as his name suggests, an absolute fiend with the sniper rifle. From the moment he arrived in Halo esports back in 2008, he was a force to be reckoned with, gifted with the ability to turn a game around with just his trusty sniper rifle. After a stint playing competitive Apex Legends, the long-range warrior is back where he belongs.

Andrej “babybay” Francisty – VALORANT

FaZe is still finding its footing in VALORANT after a lackluster end to a 2021 VCT campaign that started out red hot. Toward the end of the first North American stage of the circuit’s inaugural year, FaZe heated up, and effectively knocked anyone not named Sentinels out of their way. A huge portion of that early success can be attributed to FaZe’s Jett star, babybay.

Like most of his teammates on FaZe, babybay came over to VALORANT after an Overwatch career that saw him play two OWL seasons with the San Francisco Shock and the Atlanta Reign. FaZe and babybay’s ultra-aggressive “anti-CS” style of play caught teams off guard, leading to that impressive run early in 2021. The team is currently rebuilding around him, and after seeing what he’s capable of on agents like Jett, you’d understand why.

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