The First Pro Tour of Flesh and Blood in May

Legend Story Studios announced today that Flesh & Blood will hold its first Pro Tour from May 13 to 15 in New Jersey. This is the first Pro Tour event of 2022, a year in which Legend Story Studios has pledged a $1 million prize pool to be distributed among numerous events. Channel Fireball has partnered with us to put on this event.

Pro Tour: New Jersey is the first of two Pro Tours this year with a prize pool of $200,000 per event. Each Pro Tour is an invitation-only tournament. Players qualify for the tournament in a variety of ways.

Players may obtain an invitation by competing at ProQuest events at local stores or redeeming an invitation that was earned at a previous competitive event. There’s also a gifting system where players can give an invitation to another player for Pro Tour New Jersey. Other invitations will be given out based on the final leaderboard rankings on March 23. The top 100 players based on lifetime XP and 90-day XP will earn a spot at Pro Tour New Jersey.

The tournament will consist of a series of swiss rounds followed by a top-eight bracket. All rounds are played in Classic Constructed. The winner of the tournament earns $25,000, a Pro Tour Champion prize card. The top 32 players earn their prize money alongside a Professional Tournament Invitation.

Pro Tours from other trading-card games historically aren’t just tournaments, but community events that attract casual and competitive players alike. Pro Tour New Jersey is no different with two open-entry events scheduled for the weekend.

The Calling New Jersey is on May 14 and pits players against one another in up to nine swiss rounds for $20,000 worth of prizes. The top eight also earn PTIs. May 15 hosts Battle Hardened, a day of Blitz that awards PTIs to the top two finishers.

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