The Fortnite Magic The Gathering Cards Are Amazing

The Fortnite Magic The Gathering cards have finally been revealed. The battle royale game was announced as a Magic The Gathering crossover a few months ago, and now, thanks to IGN, we can actually see what the cards look like.

This crossover comes in two parts, Secret Lair x Fortnite, and Secret Lair x Fortnite: Landmarks and Locations. The former is the main event and is made up of seven different cards: Crack the Vault, The Cube, Shrinking Storm, Dance Battle, Supply Lama, Battle Royale, and the Battle Bus. Each of these is a card that already exists in MTG, but with a new name and skin, effectively.

Both the Battle Royale and Battle Bus cards are vying for our favourites from this drop. Battle Royale is a card called Triumph of the Hordes, which makes creatures stronger and gives them infect and trample, which is a powerful enough combination to end a multiplayer game in one go. The Battle Bus is a card called Smuggler’s Copter, which was so strong when it was printed that it ended up banned.

The other set, Secret Lair x Fortnite: Landmarks and Locations, has five different full-art lands in it, one for each type in Magic The Gathering. It’s less exciting from a gameplay perspective, but they’re all quite pretty, especially the Island. If you’re interested in buying them, they’ll be on sale from July 21st on the Secret Lair site.

We’re really hoping that there could also be a crossover going the other way, because while MTG video games have all been historically mediocre, it sure would be nice to be able to play as Jace Beleren or Nicol Bolas while dancing to BTS in the middle of a match. We’re not sure if they’d end up being the most surprising skins, but they’d find a place in our hearts at least.

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