The Halo Infinite Mid-season Update is Now Super Anti-Cheat

The first mid-season update for Halo Infinite has arrived, bringing a number of crucial fixes to some of the game’s more serious technical difficulties. There’s a patch for the first-person animation difficulties, a new audio mix, and – perhaps most importantly – anti-cheat system enhancements. However, if you’re searching for more than bug fixes, these patch notes may disappoint you.

We’ve got “improved cheat detection and other anti-cheat improvements”. Developers tend to be vague about anti-cheat developments for fear that too much detail would give hackers an easier time circumventing those systems, but hopefully you should see fewer cheaters going forward.

The update also resolves a long-standing issue with first-person animations, where you would see your arms or gun model animating at a lower frame rate than the game itself. Grenade throws, Needler super combines, Ravager charges, footsteps, and gunfire have all also been made louder in the audio mix.

You can see the full list of changes over on the official site.

For more about Halo Infinite, Click here.

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