The Latest Genshin Impact Rumors Claim That Scaramouche Is an Anemo Catalyst User

Scaramouche appears in the Genshin Impact tale sparingly, but when he does, the plot thickens considerably. Scaramouche, also known as The Balladeer, will undoubtedly appear when a significant evil scheme is underway because he is one of the Fatui Harbingers. Therefore, current rumours that this antagonist will be playable have many fans interested, especially because leakers claim that Scaramouche will be an Anemo catalyst user.

To be more specific, Twitter user and data miner merlin_impact has made a series of tweets that provide details about the Harbinger. These tweets have also been backed up by known leaker SaveYourPrimos, so they appear to be accurate.

The details include some info on his skills, banner, and play style. His Elemental Skill will have a nine-second cooldown, while his Burst will cost 60 energy with a 15-second cooldown. It seems that he may also fight in a similar fashion to Heizou – using more physical-looking attacks even though he has a catalyst weapon.

When he’s released, Scaramouche is rumoured to be on a character banner alongside a new four-star Anemo user named Faruzan. Apparently, the banner will arrive around the same time the Harbinger appears as a new boss.

Finally, the tweets state that Scaramouche’s name will be changed to Wanderer, presumably because he now travels on his own. This detail was mentioned by Childe in his new voice lines about the other Fatui Harbingers.

Try not to get too excited about everything mentioned above, though, as leaked version 3.0 Sumeru banners suggest Scaramouche won’t be a playable character any time soon.

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