The New Genshin Impact TikTok Contest Offers Free Primogems

The Version 2.8 TikTok Video Shorts event, a content production competition on the well-known social media platform, is being put on by Genshin Impact and TikTok. There isn’t a lot of time left to become inventive because the event has already begun and applications will only be accepted till July 22.

According to the official post on HoYoLAB, to enter the contest, simply make a video that pertains to Genshin Impact’s story, music, in-game scenes, or characters in some way and use the hashtag ‘#FilmTeyvatIslands’ when uploading it to TikTok. A single author must create the video, so there are no prizes for group efforts across multiple accounts.

Speaking of prizes, there are a few different ways to win those coveted Primogems. Three different criteria/categories are used to determine the winners: Most-Liked videos, Most-Viewed Videos, and Best Overall Videos. Different amounts of Primogems are awarded within these three categories, depending on success. Here’s the breakdown:

Most-Liked Videos:

Top 1-30 – 4,000 Primogems
Top 31-100 – 2,400 Primogems
Top 101-200 – 1,200 Primogems

Most-Viewed Videos:

Top 1-30 – 5,000 Primogems
Top 31-100 – 3,200 Primogems
Top 101-200 – 1,600 Primogems

Best Overall Videos:

Top 1-20 – 5,000 Primogems
Top 21-50 – 3,200 Primogems
Top 51-100 – 1,600 Primogems

The judging phase will begin on July 23, after the submission phase ends. Then, the winners will be announced a few days later, on August 10.

It might be a good idea to try out this contest whether you’re a regular TikTok user or not, given the amount of Primogems on offer here. They could be used to pull on any of the upcoming character banners, including the Sumeru ones that are rumoured to be on their way in version 3.0.

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