The new Total War game has been accidentally revealed

The new Total War game has been very briefly leaked on the Creative Assembly game’s website before being removed, giving us a glimpse at what rough time and location period we can expect. The next Total War game is also a big point of contention with the community, as the name of this entry alone has fans up in arms about the entry they want to see next instead.

According to a brief and accidental listing on the Creative Assembly website, the next strategy game in the series will be called Total War: Pharaoh. We can expect a reveal incredibly soon if this is indeed the actual name, as it going up on the website, albeit by accident, indicates that Creative Assembly is at least preparing to show it off.

The new Total War game has been accidentally revealed
While you can’t access anything to do with Total War: Pharaoh on the CA website right now, there is a telltale sign that solidifies its legitimacy. If you add total-war/total-war-pharaoh to the game’s website URL, you get a 403 error, “access denied”, enter anything else that doesn’t exist and you get a 404 “page not found”. The 403 error means that the URL does in fact exist, but just that we don’t have permission to see it, yet.

The name of Total War: Pharaoh does indicate that we’ll be going to Ancient Egypt and likely the surrounding areas. However, that’s a time period spanning thousands of years, and the word Pharaoh alone doesn’t indicate exactly when it’ll take place – 3,000 years is a long period to nail down.

We could also be looking at links to the likes of Mesopotamia (modern Iraq) and the Assyrians (modern Iraq and Turkey) in Total War Pharaoh as well. I’m doubtful that the game will just take place on a map of Ancient Egypt instead of surrounding areas and cultures. Total War: Rome 2 runs from around 200 BC to AD, for example, and the tail end of Ancient Egypt is included in that game.

Even with just the name, the Total War community is in full debate and discussion mode about what we could see, and what other Total War games they’d like to see soon instead. Napolean 2 and Medieval 3 look to be at the top of people’s lists. That’s not to say people, myself included, aren’t excited for Pharaoh, but it’s very funny looking at all the memes and seeing people debate what they’d like to see from the series going forward.

If you can’t wait for Total War: Pharaoh and instead want to jump into previous games in the series, we’ve broken down the best Total War: Rome 2 mods for you, alongside the essential grand strategy games for your library.

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