The Russian 16-year-old AWPer m0NESY Will Play on CS:GO Roster

G2 Esports announced on Twitter that Ilya “m0NESY” Osipov has been signed to the organization’s CS:GO lineup. The squad will welcome the 16-year-old Russian young gun ahead of the 2022 season.

Despite his age, m0NESY has been one of the most highly anticipated free agents in CS:GO, climbing the ranks of the EU FPL. The AWPer began his career in 2020 as he played under Na’Vi Junior, dominating in the Academy League scene. Now, G2 Esports has given m0NESY the opportunity to play on a starting roster in tier one CS for the first time in his career.

G2 Esports is looking to restructure is roster before the beginning of the 2022 competitive season. Despite performing better than prior years, G2 still failed to win a single trophy throughout the year. While it is confirmed that m0NESY will be the starting AWPer for the team, it is unclear who will be moved off of the current active roster.

As it stands, G2 Esports has eight active players on its CS:GO roster. Though KennyS was put on the starting lineup toward the end of the year, he was indefinitely benched several months prior. Rumors have swirled that either Jackz or Nexa are the most likely to depart from the roster or watch from the bench.

Either way, the young Russian super star will make his debut in 2022. The former Na’Vi player expressed his excitement to be apart of this new G2 project and to potentially face former teammate S1mple in action.

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