The Skin Bundle of Valorant Champions 2021 is Revealed

VALORANT fans will have the chance to celebrate the first VALORANT Champions event with the VCT Champions limited-edition bundle.

VALORANT YouTuber HITSCAN revealed the new VCT Champions 2021 skin bundle earlier today. The bundle includes a Vandal skin, karambit melee, and a few other bonuses for purchasing the bundle. 

Both weapon skins have a black, gold, and red color scheme. The Vandal also has the Champions logo on its side. Both weapons have an upgrade option called the Champions Aura, which adds a special glowing effect. This effect only activates if you’re the top fragger on your team and can be activated if the top fragger on your team picks the weapon up. 

The karambit melee isn’t the first of its kind to appear in VALORANT, but it does have new special animations while equipped. The Vandal’s muzzle flash can also be upgraded to look like the VCT Champions logo and inspecting the gun causes a snippet of the recently revealed VALORANT Champs anthem to play as the Champions logo pulsates.

The bundle also introduces an incredible finisher that plays a part of the anthem as a golden logo appears over the body. But players can walk into the finisher to trigger a second animation, which is a giant Brimstone appearing above the map in a red sky. This is a reference to a scene in the anthem music video and is an incredible detail. The Vandal has four upgradable levels, so save your Radiante points if you want to use this new finisher. 

In addition, the bundle includes three player cards inspired by Phoenix, Sage, and Brimstone in the anthem music video. Fans who don’t want to spend money can enjoy a free VALORANT Champs card that will be released today. Players can also get the VCT 2021 Sparks spray by watching the group stage of the VCT Champs event. Your account must be connected to a supported streaming platform and the spray will only be available from Dec. 1 to 11. The cosmetic has four possible variants that change colors based on where you spray. But the gold variant has a one percent chance of dropping, so be patient. 

Players who tune in to the VCT Champs grand finals can unlock the VCT 2021 Spark buddy on Dec. 12. 

The Champions bundle costs 6,264 VP and will be available from Nov. 24 to Dec. 12. Half of the proceeds will go to teams participating in the event, while the other half goes to Riot.

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