The TSM Stuns Team Liquid and the Chants Echoed Through the LCS Studio

TSM’s second-week victory over Team Liquid this season suggests that they have rediscovered their footing after the worst season in the history of the club. TSM looked to continue their winning ways after picking up their first victory of the split last week against Immortals. It wasn’t completely perfect, but it was better than what they suffered through in the spring when they had to wait two weeks before their first victory. Meanwhile, Liquid entered the match as league favorites after winning all three of their games during the superweek.

This time, however, some of TSM’s newest additions shone bright, with veteran mid laner Maple making a statement on Zoe. His ability to zone away Liquid with high-damage poke while also finding some key Trouble Bubbles to set his enemies up for easy picks proved crucial to TSM’s success.

He found great synergy with the team’s star jungler Spica, who took over the game with five kills on Viego. His fearlessness was evident in most skirmishes, as he continuously jumped into the fray, but stayed smart enough to traverse the teamfights alongside his teammates. Even the team’s new support Mia had some incredible Renata Glasc ultimates to help save the day.

Liquid, on the other hand, looked more disorganized in the later stages of the game. They also needed some better play from their carry champions like Azir and Ezreal if they wanted a chance to break through to TSM’s squishier backline. Unfortunately, they spent much of the match either getting caught out of position, or underperforming in teamfights.

Next, TSM take on Golden Guardians as they try to roll together a win streak for the first time this year, while Liquid look to bounce back against FlyQuest. Catch all the action when the LCS continues tomorrow at 2:30pm CT.

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