The Way To Have Tracer’s Wooltide Skin in Overwatch’s

Wear your sweater. It’s a chilly day outside. The holidays have arrived, and there’s no better way to celebrate than by donning your favorite Overwatch characters’ greatest Winter Wonderland skins. As is the case with each yearly event, Blizzard has added a plethora of new skins and there are three that can only be acquired through completing limited-time weekly challenges.

Tracer’s epic Wooltide skin features a knitted Christmas hat with a thick white and red sweater. Don’t worry, though, her tights are still fitted for speed. But for this skin, the red pants feature festive snowflakes and golden laces that match her forearm guards.

You can unlock the skin simply by playing games of Quick Play, Competitive, or Arcade modes. To get the Wooltide skin, Overwatch players must complete 27 games. Winning games will count as double, but even a loss will give you credit toward your skin.

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