Theories That Prove Resident Evil 3 Remake is Coming Sooner Than You Expect


Ok first of all, some of you witnessed the out of nowhere cover art that was leaked yesterday by Gamstat.

For those of you who doesn’t know, Gamstat is a website that provides us with the latest additions to the PSN.

One user discovered that the latest additions were none other than Resident Evil 3 Remake, and Resident Evil Resistance.

Resident Evil Resistance was once known as Project Resistance, so it’s obvious and won’t talk about it.

But what is Weird that the other additions were 2 that were both related to Resident Evil 3, BIOHAZARD RE:3, Which of course the name of Resident Evil but in Japan. And the other one was BIOHAZARD RE:3 Z Version.

So what is the hell is this Z version? Actually we don’t know but theories and speculations say that it’s something like deluxe edition. But why isn’t it called deluxe?
Why is it Z?
Maybe it’s a codename or something?
The same Answer actually we don’t know but it seems we are going to find soon enough and maybe in the upcoming Game Awards.

Wait, What?
The Upcoming Game Awards?
So does that mean Resident Evil 3 will be announced in the same year Resident Evil 2 was announced?
Well the theories speculate and say so, so let’s get into it.

Theory Number 1:

The Original Resident Evil 3 was released a year (and half) after Resident Evil 2 was released, see The original RE2 was released back in January 21, 1998, and The original RE3 was released back in September 22, 1999. Looking at both dates, there’s a gap of a year and half between them, the reason was Resident Evil 3 was intended to be an add on to the original Resident Evil 2 but plans were changed then and the game was made an official sequel to it.

The reason for that is Resident Evil 3’s events happen at the same time of Resident Evil 2’s events (maybe sometime during and after because story wise if you played both games you will understand that some sections happen after the events of RE2).

Also the game takes place in the same place as RE3, although some environments are different, but it’s the same city-> Raccoon City.

That’s why the Developers wanted it as a DLC but it was later released as a full sequel game.

So does that mean we can see the same thing with both remakes? Because Resident Evil 2 Remake was released in 25 January 2019, so announcing Resident Evil 3 Remake in game awards and setting mid 2020 as a release date for it could be the game, right?

Theory Number 2:

Why would they release RE3 Remake in no time compared to the 4 years of development (or more) of RE2 Remake?

See here is the point, Resident Evil 2 Remake was a whole remake with new engine, New Character Assets and modelling, new environments, new score and lots of things. So it’s reasonable to take lots of time in development.

Ok Genius then what about Resident Evil 3 Remake, it’s also a remake right? Then why would it take them less time?

As I mentioned in theory number 1, RE3 takes place in the same place and parallel to RE2 in the events, so if you made a remake for one game, then it shouldn’t take long for making the other remake. You just need making the new modelling for the new characters whether it’s Jill or Nemesis or Carlos or Nikolai, and some extra assets for the non- seen environments in RE2 remake. As for the engine it’s already made for the RE2 remake so use the same in RE3 Remake and VOILA you got your own new remake (of course Developments doesn’t sound that easy, but you get what I mean).

Theory Number 3:

There were rumors that Capcom is working hard enough on its new engine preparing for Resident Evil 8 and release it on the next gen, also they already announced Resident Evil Resistance, so how could they be focusing on a third game now?

Well let me tell you that Capcom is a big company and has lots of ways to make the remake, one of them (As Rumors mentioned) is that it would give the development to an outsource company to finish RE3 Remake so that Capcom would focus on its new engine and new RE. So that mean the outsource company is having its hands full only on the RE3 remake project.

So that would also mean the reason why the shape of Nemesis is IMO weird and doesn’t look very much as the old Nemesis (look at his new nose, DAMN).

But that’s all a speculation and my opinion.

After finishing the theories that strengthens the fact that RE3 Remake is coming very soon, now let’s get to the part of “OR IS IT NOT”

Theory Number 1:

The Reason am writing this one because am a big fan of Capcom. And to be honest, they have their own ways of playing with their fans (including me).

So you might imagine now, Capcom telling themselves” Let’s play with our fans one more time”.

back before RE 2 Remake’s Glorious announcement in E3, there were of course rumors of when it would be released.

One of them was the fact that 21 January 2018 was the 20th anniversary of the original RE2, so an announcement at that time would be more than perfect, also at the same time a new website was discovered and it has only single word which is “OK!”

Also the infamous tweet made by them

So looking back at all these evidences, we fans were already celebrating that we will see release date trailer any time soon, AND this happened.

Capcom announced that there’s nothing to announce for and sorry for teasing you that much.

After all this time and suddenly an announcement (Not entirely secret as there were leaks of its announcement in E3 2018) in E3 made its surface on the stage.

That’s why am not trusting Capcom in its teasing ways.

Theory Number 2:

RE7 Biohazard was announced in E3 2016 and released 24 January 2017
RE2 Remake was announced in E3 2018 and released 25 January 2019
RE3 Remake will be announced in…(you may guess) and will be released in ……. You may guess the date.

So that’s it folks, my theories of whether it would be announced sooner than we think or not, Read and pick your poison, I mean choose your opinion.

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