There’s a New Annoying Audio Bug In COD: Warzone Pacific

Now over a month into the new Warzone Pacific Patch, players have been persistent in reporting new, game-breaking bugs in Caldera. Though Raven Software has issued countless hotfixes since the game’s release, many have been critical of their ‘relaxed’ approach.

Audio cues are a massive part of any FPS. From competitive to casual gameplay, hearing your opponent before they see you can help get the jump on any opponent. In Warzone, however, there appears to be a glitch that renders the game audio useless whenever players get a kill.

A Redditor reported that after getting a kill on an enemy player, they could not hear any audio for the rest of the game. Others who also experienced the glitch reported that while they could hear some audio, they describe it as ‘muffled and suppressed.’ One player, in particular, proposed an unorthodox solution. After experiencing the glitch, they stated that if you flash yourself, you will regain audio. It seems in lieu of a hotfix, this is the current popular solution.

Ever since the release of the Pacific Patch, Warzone has seen countless bugs that all but ruin the lobbies of unfortunately selected players. Other bugs have ranged from debilitating to game-breaking. Though Raven Software has sought to increase transparency and productivity in regards to bug fixes, it is clear that Caldera is still riddled with issue.

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