There’s a New Elden Ring Speedrun Record In Under an Hour

Even though Elden Ring is a large game, speedrunners are trying to make it appear small. Only a week after the race began, runner Niko Bellic beat Elden Ring in little over two hours, and now we have an even more astounding run: a new world record in under an hour. (Beating Margit took me much longer than that.)

LilAggy is a pretty notable figure in the Souls speedrun community, with some of the top records in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. In a stream today (via The Loadout), LilAggy became the first runner to complete Elden Ring in under an hour. More precisely, the final run clocked in at 59 minutes and 38 seconds, measured by in-game time – so no loading screens or the like counted.

“Obviously far from perfect,” LilAggy says in his run’s YouTube description, “but not too bad for a 12 day old game”. Leaderboards on and the SpeedSouls wiki won’t be opening for a while yet – if this run is ‘far from perfect’, who knows what the times will look like once they start getting officially recorded.

You can see the run for yourself below.

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