There’s a New Map In Call of Duty Warzone In The Launch Trailer

The new Call of Duty Warzone map is set to take place on Caldera, a tropical paradise in the Pacific. As part of the Season One patch releasing alongside Call of Duty Vanguard, the sweeping update will include a new map, weapons, and drastic new features. A new trailer released today shows off some of the gameplay players can expect on Caldera.

CoD players who have purchased Vanguard will get access to the new map one day earlier, on December 8th while it will see a general release on the 9th. The update will bring a new battle pass with a new operator in Francis “Kai” Lanakila. The Premium version of the pass once again has 100 tiers, will get a free skin for a past operator, and a season-long 10% XP bonus.

The new map will also feature three new weapons and an entirely new feature in the battle royale game mode, aerial combat. Though vehicles have been introduced in previous iterations of Warzone, this will be the first time players will be able to take the battle to the sky. This new aspect of gameplay has been featured countless times throughout the month-long tease for the Caldera.

Call of Duty provided a roadmap for the new era of Warzone as the update approaches. The last hours of Verdansk will send off the original map as the new map will come after maintenance at 1pm EST.

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