There’s a New Pac-Man Minigame in Minecraft

Minecraft is a versatile game, which is why there are working versions of Minesweeper and Wordle in it. Basically, because to the community’s inventiveness, everything is possible in this sandbox game. Today, though, we’re offering you another classic Minecraft game with a significant twist.

You all know Pac-Man; everyone knows Pac-Man. He’s the giant yellow orb with a big smiley face that’s the face of one of the first truly big games, and is still around today thanks, in part, to appearances in the Smash Bros series. Pac-Man games have you running around trying to get a high score while avoiding attacks from ghosts that roam the labyrinth, and this only changes when you grab a power-up and turn around and eat the ghosts.

Now, though, YouTuber Fundy has decided that Minecraft needs Pac-Man in it, but not quite as you remember. Instead of Pac-Man avoiding ghosts, he’ll be hunting them, but the ghosts aren’t ghosts at all; they’re other players. That makes Pac-Man one of the scariest Minecraft mobs around.

You can defeat Pac-Man by grabbing a power-up, but the hulking mass is not only faster than you, but a player with an eagle-eye view of the arena will be controlling them.

The whole process is documented in a video that Fundy has made, and frankly, we’ve never seen a scarier version of the old yellow orb. It’s fascinating to see it all come together, and the coding involved to make it work sounds complicated. The end result is Fundy tormenting some other YouTubers with this take on Pac-Man, and it’s very funny to watch.

In less haunting news, a Redditor is working on a plugin to bring spellcasting into Minecraft, and the demonstrations will blow your socks off – and also blow up a huge chunk of the scenery.

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