TI Champions Call Out Valve for Weak Dota 2 Patch

With a mediocre gameplay update that fell short of expectations, Valve let down its devoted Dota 2 fan base. The update has angered fans, and many have voiced their complaints, despite hints that a significant patch will be released on March 6. Even professional players have entered the debate to voice their displeasure over what many are calling one of the worst upgrades in Dota 2 ever.

While the patch notes for 7.32e are quite long, it’s mainly filled with numeric adjustments that even pushed TI winners to their limits. Tundra Esport’s Martin “Saksa” Sazdov called the patch downright pathetic due to the size of the overall changes.

Saksa wasn’t alone in his thoughts either, as more TI winners like N0tail and Ceb shared their emotions regarding the patch on Twitter. Ceb called patch 7.32e a mega bait since Valve also made the mistake of hyping up the release date for no other reason than the release of Muerta.

Popular streamer and division two player Janne “Gorgc” Stefanovski couldn’t help but notice the similarity between the patch notes and his high school essays where he would throw in random fancy words to meet word limits.

Though Valve ended up sending negative shockwaves through the entire Dota 2 players base with patch 7.32e, the developer promised that 7.33 wasn’t so far off in the future, stating it would release in late April. This means that the 2023 DPC’s second tour will be played on 7.32e, and the major changes will hit before the next Major.

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