Tower of Fantasy Hackers Are Stealing Accounts: A 2FA PSA

Players of the open-world game Tower of Fantasy claim that an increasing number of hackers are snatching accounts. Players issue a warning on the significance of setting two-factor authentication to stop dangerous players from gaining access to your account after learning how simple it is to get into custom accounts. Affected gamers may even have their accounts completely deleted, which will prevent them from accessing the anime game or their acquired upgrades and gear.

A PSA on the game’s subreddit notes that using what developer Hotta Studio calls a ‘custom account’ (when you sign up using just an email and password without linking to another platform such as Apple, Gmail, or Facebook) leaves you vulnerable to hackers. Linking your Tower of Fantasy account to another platform allows you to enable 2FA, or two-factor authentication – one of the most reliable ways to protect against unwanted access.

Using just an email and password leaves you with no 2FA protection, meaning that hackers only need to guess your password to gain access to your account. Once they’re in, they can bind the account to a platform they own, sign out of your custom account, and then remove your email from the Tower of Fantasy account – leaving you completely separated from your previous login. Some players say they have even been accused of selling their accounts when contacting support to try and recover their data.

Trying to sign in after this has happened will act as though you are setting up a fresh account, because the email you originally used will no longer be associated with a Tower of Fantasy account. As such, make sure to link your Tower of Fantasy account to another platform of your choice and enable 2FA (two-factor authentication) if you haven’t already done so. It’s also highly encouraged that you make sure that you’re using a secure password – you might even want to consider using a password manager, such as those included in some of the best Antivirus software for PC.

Furthermore, once you have successfully linked an account and enabled 2FA, it’s recommended that you unbind your custom account altogether. To do this, you’ll need to log out of Tower of Fantasy, then log in using the appropriate account icon along the bottom of the launcher. Once you have logged in, you can click on your name to go to the account centre, navigate to ‘bind account’ and unbind your custom account.

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