Tower Of Fantasy Ruby Trailer Shows Our Best Look At Her Gameplay Yet

A new Tower of Fantasy Ruby trailer shows off the character and her weapon in action, giving us our best look at the Simulacrum in the MMORPG game yet. She’s set to arrive with the 2.0 update this month, so hopefully the gacha gods are on your side and you get an easy pull.

You can check out the brief gameplay of Simulacrum Ruby and her weapon Sparky in the video below. Ruby is set to come to Tower of Fantasy on the same day as the 2.0 update, October 20.

As shown in the video, Ruby’s normal attack’s include the spark attack, aerial discharge, lockdown zone, blazing dive, and the gotcha. Ruby uses Sparky, her little drone friend, in many of these moves as well, including her sparkling collider skill and her super nova discharge attack as well.

If you want to start planning and get ahead with Ruby and Sparky, the upgrade path can be found on the weapon’s Fandom page, which mostly contains materials like Firecore, Nano Coating I and II, Booster Frame I and II.

Ruby is already out in the Chinese version of Tower of Fantasy, but as mentioned she’ll be coming to the Global version of the game with the 2.0 launch. If you want to get caught up don’t worry, as we’ve got you covered with all the information on the Tower of Fantasy 2.0 release date, locations, and banners. Introducing the Vera region, Tower of Fantasy 2.0 will also add new weapons, missions, locations, and rewards.

We’ve also got a full list of the current and upcoming Tower of Fantasy banners schedule too, and it’ll tell you everything you need to know about the different gachas and what different Simulacra you can potentially obtain from each.

If you want any more help in the MMORPG game, we’ve got you covered with all the Tower of Fantasy codes for October 2022, and even a breakdown of all the Tower of Fantasy characters as well.

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