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So, in this section we are providing you with latest gaming news, which will be daily, so let’s start.

10 New Games are to be revealed in The Game Awards 2019

We all know that TGA 2019 will be aired in less than a week, and we TheToxicGamer are going to cover it all once it gets aired.

anyways, Show organizer Geoff Keighley said that the event will reveal 10 new games. And that’s what he said

“We have a bunch of brand new games being announced at the show–I think there are around 10 new games/projects being revealed if you want to count the things that no one has heard about yet, “

Also there have been rumors about numerous leaked games, that are expected to be revealed in the show, but Keighley advised players to not trust everything they see on the internet saying as he said.

“As always the Internet has a lot of really bad information out there about what you think is at the show, “.

One of the biggest rumors was Resident Evil 3 Remake being announced soon at TGA 2019.However, Keighley said that “nothing from our show has leaked this year.”

TGA 2019 will air on Thursday, December 12 at 8:30pm ET/5:30pm PT.

A remastered version of both Bayonetta and Vanquish are to be released on the Xbox

Be ready Xbox users, because Bayonetta and vanquish will be available as standalones or in a bundle on February 18, 2020.

Of course remastered means they will support remastered graphics, with the possiblity of 4K graphics at 60fps available for Xbox One X.

There are no words on whether there would be a Playstation 4 release or not.

The Horror Game ‘Song of Horror’ is finally coming to consoles

Well we have been waiting for so long for this game to be released. But back in October when it was out on Steam, console users wondered when we would be seeing the console release? Well here’s your answer

Raiser Games and developer Protocol Games will release survival horror game ‘Song of Horror’ for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in Q2 2020.

The first two chapters were released back in October, and now the third one will be released on December 13 via Steam.

The first two chapters are available for $7.99 each, or you can purchase the season pass which includes all 5 planned episodes for $21.99.

A new DLC for ‘Dead Cells’ is to be released Q1 2020

The DLC is called “The Bad Seed”, and it’s considered the second add on after the first dlc which is called “Rise of the Giant”.

The DLC will be available for all platforms in Q1 2020 for $4.99, adding new biomes, monsters, weapons, and a boss battle.

The Developer studio “Motion Twin” has provided an overview of the DLC:

“The Bad Seed” downloadable content introduces new path choices in the early game ensuring that all players, no matter their level, will be able to enjoy it. Players will discover two new biomes inhabited by their own distinctive bestiary; “The Arboretum,” a lush paradise to deceivingly adorable creatures, and “The Swamp,” where an overgrown arboreal settlement inhabited by ambushing blow gunners and spear wielders is your only escape from the gargantuan purple ticks that reign uncontested on the ground.

Revenue from paid content such as “The Bad Seed” will allow the team to continue to expand Dead Cells‘ base game with free post-launch content updates, Free content, balancing, and systemic updates.

And that’s it folks for today’s Bulletin. Stay Tuned for the Next one.

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