Treasure and D&D Dice Are Added In Sea of Thieves Season Five

Sea of Thieves is getting a new season in December, and while it won’t have the major new content drops like Seasons Three and Four did, it will include a slew of quality-of-life upgrades that could be even more important. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect from the update, which includes anything from buryable riches to polyhedral dice.

You will now be able to bury your own treasure. Doing so will create a custom treasure map detailing the location of your booty – you can post that to a quest board at sea posts and outposts, and other players will be able to pick up that map and go seek out the treasure for themselves. If another crew succeeds at that treasure hunt, you’ll also get the reputation reward for the loot, as well as a renown bonus.

Perhaps the biggest of the myriad quality of life tweaks is the update to storage crates. While holding a crate, you can now look at a barrel or other container and simply ‘take all’. This should make stocking up your ship at the start of a session far less of a time sink.

Sea of Thieves Season Five starts on December 2. Here’s a quick rundown of everything to expect.

  • You can bury treasure to create your own treasure maps
  • You can post or take custom treasure maps at quest boards
  • You can collect fireworks and launch them from cannons
  • You can fire flares to light dark islands, or signal to crewmates
  • You can sit on chairs
  • You can sleep in bed to restore health
  • You can flip the megaphone around to whisper to nearby players
  • You’ll find rowboats equipped with cannons
  • Three new shanties: Infernal Galop, Ballad of the Mer, and Row Row Row Your Boat
  • Polyhedral dice emotes, so you can roll-play D&D while you role-play a pirate
  • Skeletons and phantoms with guns now drop ammo pouches
  • Rats will be on your ship, and can indicate when there’s water on the lower decks
  • Markers now indicate loot from Meg and the Kraken in the water
  • Storage Crates now have a ‘take all’ option
  • Pirate mouths now move when you’re talking in-game

Plus there are a whole bunch of new cosmetics this season, including both free and paid options – but you’re better off checking those out for yourself in the announcement trailer below.

YouTube Thumbnail

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