TSM Signs Coach and Analyst Raven to Competitive Apex Legends Team

The professional Apex Legends team at TSM, led by Philip “ImperialHal” Dosen, recently said that they were developing fresh plans and compositions that would surprise their rivals. Today, when TSM announced the addition of coach and commentator, Raven, the picture became a little bit clearer.

Having previously worked with competitive Apex squads for NRG and ALGS Championship darlings GMT Esports, raven has a reputation in the community for being one of the most forward-thinking minds in the game. The move suggests that TSM will be looking for a more aggressive playstyle in the ALGS competitions to come.

While there’s still plenty of time before the third year of ALGS competition for TSM’s composition and playstyle to solidify, raven still indicated a few plans for the new looks TSM is preparing for next season. One definitive change is in store for the characters that longtime support player Jordan “Reps” Wolfe will be playing.

“I am going to get Reps off these dogshit defensive legends that don’t do anything,” raven told his stream, filled with TSM fans asking him questions about what plans he has for the team. “No more Gibby, we’re definitely not playing fucking Wattson… I want more damage.”

Reps has long been considered one of the best support players in the world, but many fans have questioned how he’s been hampered by playing legends like Wattson and Gibraltar in the past. But raven clearly wants the team to play less of a defensive style and be more aggressive in the way they approach fights, looking to overwhelm opponents with damage output rather than rely on shields and fences to prevent other teams from pushing them.

TSM are scheduled to play in SoulZ season three, a Japanese LAN event, on Aug. 20. And while fans can’t expect the team to have everything figured out at that point, they might get a glimpse at some of the ideas raven and the squad have in store for the future.

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