TSM Wins in LCS Spring 2022 With an Extraordinary Comeback

TSM supporters’ prayers were fulfilled tonight when the squad pulled off one of the most impressive comebacks in League of Legends history against Immortals. Before this match, TSM were being considered as one of the worst teams in the LCS after starting off their season with a 0-4 record. This was the first time in TSM’s history that they failed to win through the first two weeks of play, and after the team announced it was bringing Academy support Yursan to the starting lineup, hope was in short supply for their supporters.

For this game, the perennial LCS champions opted for a unique composition where Tactical was placed on a hyper carry, while the rest of the team was put on supportive-style champions to help buff up their AD carry to succeed. For example, Huni was placed on Lulu in the top lane to shield and protect his allies in the later stage of the match.

In response, Immortals drafted a perfect composition to counter this strategy by putting their top laner Revenge on Camille. By using his massive laning advantage to continuously push in the enemy minions, TSM were forced to always fight the subsequent skirmishes short-handed. It also seemed like TSM were lacking enough damage to win teamfights through the mid game, since they needed to wait for Jinx to ramp up in power.

Unfortunately for them, Immortals failed to end the game quick enough to prevent Tactical’s Jinx from farming up and getting enough items to become a true damage threat. As the game hit 30 minutes, Immortals tried to engage on the marksman, but some great movement from the 21-year-old ADC allowed him to kite away from the initial dive and deal a ton of damage back. It only took two teamfights and three minutes for Immortals to lose their lead.

As expected, Tactical was the Player of the Game with 29.9 thousand damage dealt to champions, along with nine kills, two assists, and only one death. This was also confirmed to be the highest damage percentage ever for any player in LCS history, according to the LoL Esports Stats Twitter account.

This could be a huge win for TSM, who are looking for any source of momentum they can get to jump start their season. With the team still trying to find their identity—and from the looks of it, the true starting lineup—they’ll take any win they can get as they traverse through the 2022 LCS Spring Split.

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