Unrailed: The Free Epic Game Is Basically Trains and the Co-op of Overcooked

Next week’s free PC game from the Epic Games Store is Unrailed!, an unending co-op game about endlessly creating a series of train tracks through a procedurally generated wilderness. So start putting together a team of your most sensible friends.

As you collect materials and lay down tracks, your train follows closely behind you – and it’s up to you (and your team) to make sure it doesn’t derail. You’ll have to contend with lava, snow, and hostile inhabitants, and you might even be racing against another team scrambling to do the same thing.

You’ll have to work together to get your train to the next station, where you’ll be able to choose an upgrade for your engine or wagons. This trailer goes over all the basics:

Unrailed! will be free on the Epic Games Store starting August 4. Starting today, you can pick up a free copy of Lawn Mowing Simulator, which will take you into the lovely British countryside to, well, mow a bunch of lawns.

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